Automated Actions

Cyberelements is a comprehensive Zero Trust and Identity-First SaaS platform designed to enhance business performance while ensuring robust security. Let’s explore how Cyberelements leverages automated actions to detect and prevent malicious users.

Key points

1. Privileged Access Management (PAM)

  • Cyberelements provides real-time control and visibility over privileged accounts.
  • Automated Actions:
    • Detects abnormal behavior during privileged sessions.
    • Monitors actions performed by users on critical assets.
    • Blocks suspicious activities to prevent unauthorized access.

2. Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Manages the entire lifecycle of user identities.
  • Automated Actions:
    • Provisions users seamlessly based on context (user and device).
    • Ensures the right access is delivered to the right person.

3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Enhances security by requiring multiple forms of authentication.
  • Automated Actions:
    • Triggers MFA prompts based on user behavior or risk factors.
    • Prevents unauthorized access even if credentials are compromised.

4. Access Audit: Logs & Recordings

  • Cyberelements maintains an audit trail of all access activities.
  • Automated Actions:
    • Records privileged sessions in real time.
    • Provides indisputable evidence for forensic analysis.
    • Helps meet compliance requirements.

Use Cases

1. Business Users

  • Enable distributed workforces without compromising security.
  • Provide a unified access portal for office and remote workers.
  • Automate access controls based on user context.

2. Privileged Users

  • Control access to critical assets.
  • Detect real-time changes and prevent unexpected actions.
  • Enhance security for IT administrators and privileged users.

3. Third Parties & MSP Access

  • Apply Zero Trust principles to external users.
  • Implement low privileges and just-in-time access.
  • Secure highly sensitive contexts.


Cyberelements’ automated actions empower organizations to proactively detect and stop malicious users. Whether it’s privileged access management, identity provisioning, or access controls, Cyberelements ensures security without compromising productivity. Explore the power of Zero Trust with Cyberelements.