Digital Transformation

Optimizing your business demands a thorough understanding of the synergy between technology and business. Implementing the right solution is where PIDGINPLM provides the knowledge to bridge that gap and to fully harness the power of technology to drive the business into the future. Examples of our transformation services include:

Cloud Migration and Optimization: We guide organizations through seamless transitions to cloud platforms like AWS, and Azure. Our experts ensure that the existing systems integrate smoothly, data remains secure, and scalability is maximized.

IoT Implementations: We help businesses harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting devices, collecting real-time data, and enabling predictive maintenance and smart monitoring.

Data Analytics: Using your data to enable strategic decision making by providing actionable insights. We can leverage data to optimize processes, identify bottle-necks and drive innovation.


At PIDGINPLM, we examine your organization and make security core to your business transformation agenda. As a trusted partner, we deliver advisory, integration and managed security services, offering offensive and defensive capabilities. We work seamlessly with our clients to deliver security outcomes that accelerate time to value, protect existing investments, and build cyber resiliency to address business needs.

Cyber Risk Assessment: One-off or continuous assessments, our goal is to proactively implement strategies that significantly lower the risk of breaches.

Cyberelements: Our innovative proactive cybersecurity product that unifies PAM, IAM, and VDI into one SaaS platform.


We provide the capabilities and expertise to take manufacturing to the next level. At PIDGINPLM, we combine our insights and skills to transform business processes.

By using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that will help shape the company, and improve how our clients structure and manage their business. We identify manual, repetitive tasks and automate them using techniques such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This streamlines operations, reduces errors, and frees up valuable human resources.

Application Development

Custom application development for your front, back-end, and mobile needs. We can take your ideas from design to development, providing ongoing support, and maintenance.

Private cloud, Hybrid cloud, Public cloud, where to start, what does it all mean? We understand the confusion that businesses experience with Cloud technologies, and will help you on whatever Cloud journey you need to take.

We can help you deliver scalable teams, or individual software engineers, through nearshore resources based in Mexico. This model provides delivery teams that can rapidly shape your projects, or extended teams that add value by fully integrating with your team.