Real-Time Detection

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

UBA is a critical component of modern cybersecurity. It leverages Machine Learning and Big Data to analyze user behavior and detect abnormal and potentially malicious actions.

Continuous Authentication

  • Cyberelements offers next-gen Continuous Behavioral Authentication powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • It analyzes real-time user behaviors during interactions with keyboards, mice, or touchscreens.
  • Suspicious activities and account takeovers are detected before an illegitimate account can cause any real harm.

Identity Theft Prevention

  • Continuous authentication validates user identity based on behavioral imprints (mouse movements, typing speed, etc.).
  • Even without abnormal actions, the system can block sessions or prompt re-authentication if an illegitimate user is detected.
  • This “passwordless” authentication enhances security without being intrusive.

Real-Time Threat Detection

  • UBA systems detect anomalies as they happen, allowing immediate response to potential threats.
  • Faster response times reduce the damage caused by malicious actions.


Cyberelements’ UBA capabilities empower organizations to protect against identity theft and other risks. By analyzing user behavior in real time, cyberelements ensures security without compromising user experience. Stay vigilant and trust in behavioral analytics to safeguard your information system.