Recording Sessions

What is Full Visibility Video Recording

  • Full visibility video recording captures a video of every privileged session. It records the actions taken by users with elevated privileges during their sessions.
  • This video recording provides an indisputable record of what occurred during a session, including commands executed, files accessed, and changes made.
  • It enhances security by allowing organizations to review and analyze session activities, detect anomalies, and investigate incidents.
  • Meet increasingly stringent requirements for tracking and auditing connections to “sensitive” servers in the infrastructure.


  1. Forensic Analysis: In case of security incidents or breaches, video recordings serve as valuable evidence for forensic analysis.
  2. Compliance: Video recordings help meet compliance requirements by providing an audit trail.
  3. Training and Accountability: Organizations can use recorded sessions for training purposes and to hold users accountable for their actions.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: Security teams can monitor live sessions to detect any suspicious behavior.


Privileged Access Management, along with features like full visibility video recording, plays a crucial role in securing an organization’s critical assets. By implementing PAM practices, organizations can reduce the risk of unauthorized access and protect sensitive data.